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Park the car. Choose Christiania Bikes.
No more traffic jams, delayed buses or long minutes at stops. There are few things that beat the feeling of freedom.
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Discover the bestseller Swing3, now at an unbeatable price!
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Christiania Bikes
Everyday life becomes easier with a box bike.
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The means of transport of the future
You have probably noticed the trend. There are probably a few in your vicinity who have chosen to park the car and ride an electric bike. The benefits of commuting by electric bike are many. Cheap mileage, good for health and the environment. In addition, you will arrive much faster. No more stops or traffic jams, commute on your terms!
Cycling electrically
The world's safest bicycle helmet is not a helmet
Chief 3. The world's safest head protection you wear around your neck like a collar. In the event of an accident, the airbag inflates and protects your head. The next generation of Swedish security technology is here.
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The right accessories save lives

Discover hand-picked accessories from the market-leading supplier.

Christiania Bikes

The box bike has revolutionized the way we transport ourselves.

Riese & Müller

The world's most exclusive electric bicycles. Commute on your terms in 2021.

Lifetime free service on all new bikes

We offer the service and give your bike love for free as long as you own it. With our lifetime free service, we ensure that traffic safety increases while we reduce wear and tear on your bike.

Christiania Bikes

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A classic is never wrong. A clockless alltiallo. Bicycles that everyone should have in the bicycle storage.


Adventure awaits. Discover MTB as a sport and hobby. The trails are waiting for you, when going on adventures?


The means of transport of the future. No more traffic jams or waiting at stops. Whiz through city traffic, on your terms.


Do you drive a car without a seat belt or with a broken lamp? Of course not. Safety is important. The right accessories save lives.


Discover hybrids that make everyday commuting fun. There is a hybrid for everyone.


Park the car. Select box bike. Cheap mileage and the kids love it. No more traffic jams or long minutes at a stop.


The motto has been the same since 1998 - "Bike for everyone" a vision of cycling that we still have. It is a vision where the customer is always in focus.