Benefit bicycles

Are you an entrepreneur and want to invest in healthier staff? Then you can offer your staff a bicycle at a favorable price without any major effort for the company.

Our benefit plan for bicycles means minimal effort for the company and maximum benefit for the employee, through a rental scheme where bicycles and accessories are included. The employee pays for the products, but if you as an entrepreneur want to make the arrangement extra advantageous for your staff, you can choose to co-finance the monthly fee.

We have now made it easy for you to offer your employees a benefit in health and wellness, while at the same time contributing to sustainability work.

Benefit cycle means that your employees can rent a new quality bicycle by giving up part of their salary, gross salary deduction, and get a higher quality of life on the purchase.

Offering benefit bikes should be easy, we take care of all procurement and administration.

All deliveries are made via our local service partners. In this way, we ensure that the bike is delivered in perfect condition.


  • Risk-free, no capital tied up, the bikes are rented directly from our credit partner
  • Finished concept to use, minimal administration for the company
  • Personal help to get started, as well as support along the way
  • Service agreements with professional bicycle specialists throughout the country
  • Minimal effort for the company - maximum pleasure for the employee!

Financing and Insurance

Bikemasters help with the agreements:
Company → Financier
Company → Employee


That's how it works to rent
  • Rental plan for 36 months with both bicycle and accessories
  • Views, order portal, and help with calculating gross salary deductions and benefit value are included in the concept
  • Gross salary deduction directly on the employee's salary
    Employees are given the opportunity to buy the bike after the end of the contract period

Do you want to know more? Do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have questions or concerns.

Christiania for entrepreneurs, municipalities, nursing homes, real estate companies, etc. is something we have many years of experience. Many businesses adjust the cars and thus convert to a more environmentally friendly everyday life. Many have realized that the car is expensive to operate but also that it has a major negative impact on our environment and nature. For this reason, many of our customers have tried to reduce miles that are not environmentally friendly and replaced this with a box bike from Christiania Bikes. We have worked with many different businesses and worked with Christiania Bikes here in Sweden since our start. We have models that suit everyone, is there a model that does not really fit your needs? No problem! We can tailor a box bike based on your needs where we can take into account the maximum weight, size of the box and equipment. We offer advantageous financing via Wasa Kredit for entrepreneurs and also invoicing options. We also foil the bike if desired. There, your logo, slogan and eg contact information can be seen. Christiania Bikes are high quality bikes, this box bike stands out. With our optional foil, the bike works as a figure in your marketing. Please contact us for example pictures and more information.

Park the car. Select box bike.