Terms of purchase

1. General terms and conditions

Bikemasters applies both the Consumer Purchase Act and the Distance Contracts Act. To place an order, the customer must be of legal age, 18 years of age, or have the consent of a guardian. By customer is meant a natural person.

2. Order

Ordering Bikemaster's products can be done via www.bikemasters.se, e-mail kundtjanst@bikemasters.se or customer service on +46 40 15 39 99. Incoming orders are answered with a written order confirmation via email.

Orders are binding on Bikemaster's side only after the order confirmation has been received by the customer.

Bikemasters reserves the right to refuse customer purchases. All orders are considered binding. If you have placed an order by mistake, you must therefore contact us immediately.

Should an item not be in stock, we will contact you and make a residual note of it. When we receive the remaining listed item, we will send it to you. If you do not want the remaining listed item, you can always contact Bikemasters and book it.


All prices are stated including Swedish VAT, currently 25 % and are stated in Swedish kronor. Bikemasters reserves the right to increase VAT and other price changes that we cannot control. Fee and possibly cash on delivery fee or invoice fee will be added.

4. Payment

Cash on delivery

You pay at the post office when you pick up your package. Cash on delivery fee will be added.


As an entrepreneur, you can also choose to trade against an invoice. Shop today and pay within 30 days. Invoice fee of 15: - will be added or free e-mail invoice. This after simpler approved credit information.

We ask you to state Invoice no. upon payment. In the event of late / non-payment, you will be charged a default interest of 9%.

Card payment

We accept Visa and Mastercard. Card payment is made via an encrypted connection to DIBS 'payment exchange.

5. Delivery time

Normal delivery time is 3-4 working days. Deviations may occur. In such cases, we contact the customer. Bikemasters cannot be held responsible for delivering sold out or expired product. The shipping cost is always visible in the shopping cart if it is not included.

6. Delivery delay

If delivery delay occurs for any reason, we will contact you. Of course we will do everything we can to deliver your order as quickly as possible. As a customer, however, you have the right to cancel a purchase in the event of an extensive delivery delay.

Situations may arise that make it impossible for us to fulfill an order, for example if our suppliers are unable to fulfill their obligations to us. Bikemasters reserves the right to disclaim from compensation to the customer in such situations or in case of delivery delay.

Important! In rare cases, PostNord neglects letters and packages. We do not replace these, but PostNord's insurance compensates damaged or lost goods up to a value of SEK 50,000.

7. Shipping

Shipping of SEK 100 (incl. VAT) will be added to all accessories that are less than SEK 3,500.

SEK 500 for a regular bike 

SEK 1500 for Christiania Bikes & Special bikes 

8. Warranty

We want all our customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase. If you have a problem with a product, contact us.

Normally, the customer bears the shipping cost to the service workshop. The receipt for paid goods is valid as a guarantee slip. Therefore, always save the receipt during the warranty period!

9. Open Purchase / Right of Withdrawal

Bikemasters apply the Distance Contracts Act. This means that you as a customer are entitled to a 14-day right of return, without special reason. The product must be returned in unchanged condition and in the original packaging. Bikemasters reserves the right to charge the customer if something is missing, for example instructions for use. The customer is responsible for return costs. Returns sent against cash on delivery are not redeemed.

Contact us before returning the product. As soon as we have received the item, your money will be refunded.

10. Complaint

Bikemasters apply the Consumer Purchase Act to complaints. Thus, we undertake to replace faulty or broken products at no extra cost. Remember not to redeem packages with damage or visible defects that may have affected the condition of the item you ordered. In that case, make a complaint on the spot. Report damage to the carrier or directly at the delivery point and ask them to send the package back to the Bikemasters and write the reason for the return on the package. Then email to info@bikemasters.se to inform about the complaint.

11. Unredeemed packages

If for any reason you do not redeem your package, you will have to pay the costs for shipping and any postal advance fee.

Keep in mind that the length of stay at PostNord has been shortened to 14 days! Unredeemed packages are charged a fee, currently SEK 95. The fee is charged in arrears. In the event of non-payment, the requirements for debt collection service are unconditionally forwarded. No exceptions are made.

12. Security

Under no circumstances will we disclose any personal information without the consent of the person in question. The same goes for email addresses.

13. Reservation

Bikemasters reserves the right to make errors in the content and price list on the website.

According to the Electronic Communications Act, which entered into force on 25 July 2003, everyone who visits a website must be notified if cookies are used. When you visit this website, cookies are stored on your computer. These cookies are so-called session cookies and are used to keep track of your login (if you are logged in) and your shopping cart when you shop. Session cookies are not stored for a long time on your computer, but disappear when you close your browser.

If you do not accept the use of cookies, you can set your browser to automatically deny cookies or to inform you if a website uses cookies. If you turn off cookies, you will not be able to shop, as the shopping cart and login require cookies to work. However, you can look around the store without having cookies activated.

Bikemaster's interest-free installment payment - up to 36 months

Example. Credit costs and monthly amount - credit (SEK): 10,000.00

Credit amount (SEK)10 000,0010 000,00
Maturity (Mon)1236
Credit interest rate [variable annual interest rate] (%)0,0014,28
Administration fee (SEK / month)35,0035,00
Setup fee * (SEK)295,00295,00
Effective interest rate (%)12,8725,77
Ordinary monthly amount ** (SEK)868,00380,00
Credit cost (SEK)715,004 002,00
Total amount to pay (SEK)10 715,0014 002,00

* Ev. Setup fee is paid the month after election.
The example assumes that the interest rate and fees are unchanged throughout the credit period. Other ways of using the credit can lead to both a higher and lower effective interest rate. The effective interest rate is calculated in accordance with the Swedish Consumer Agency's guidelines.
According to the account terms, there may be a requirement for a minimum payment amount, which may result in a higher monthly amount than would otherwise be the case. In such cases, the repayment period is shortened instead. RB credit checks the application according to law. When collecting information from an external database, a copy of the information provided is obtained from the credit information company. RB reserves the right to review.