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Comfort is our most classically designed box bike. A good all-round cargo bike due to its box size and strong construction. You can take the children to school or transport heavier loads.

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  • Y-belts


    Y-Belt for your Christiania, perfect compliment for increased safety!


  • Seat cushion




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Comfort. A classic with that little extra.

It was launched in 2005 and is an improved aluminum version of the decommissioned steel version, model H / box. Model H / box was launched in 1991, and this model is still seen today in cities throughout Europe
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Long shelf life
  • Timeless classic
It was also the first model with a mono rear frame, which was designed by a single alloy tube to improve handling. Mono rear frame construction and the use of lighter aluminum alloys are the reason for the name "Light". Lightweight but still a strong cargo ship. We have selected the best components for long durability and trouble-free ownership. The Comfort model has been selected with exactly the essentials with a little "extra" that is required of a box bike.

The classic is still alive

Christiania Bikes started with a man who built a wedding gift for his wife and even today the classic lives on. This is the Comfort model and it has an openable front. It has the essentials you need and a little more to make everyday life easier. Simple and easy to use but has exactly what you would expect from a box bike.

Long shelf life

We are often asked how long a bike from Christiania Bikes lasts. We can easily answer all questions related to cycling but here it became difficult .. The truth is that we do not really know. Christiania Bikes has an extremely long shelf life as long as service and general maintenance are done. The build quality is a fact, it means that we still service Christiania Bikes which was bought at our start in 1998.

Lifetime free service

Did we mention that free service is included? That's right. Lifetime free service is included to the first owner. We adjust, lubricate and check the safety free of charge. This gives our customers a great deal of security in their bicycle purchases. We know that the bicycle replaces the car and therefore we never compromise on safety.
This bike is built to order. 3 - 6 weeks delivery from placed order.

Frame: Model Light 3124 Dimension 208 x 87 x 117 cm
Turning radius 480 cm
Box: Internal dimension88 x 62 x 50/36 cm +/- 0.5 cm. Hand built in Denmark
Width front shoulder to shoulder: 87 cm
Gear controls: Shimano Nexus 7 Shifted
Crank part: M-Wave Aluminum
Pedals: M-Wave Aluminum
Chain: Anti-corrosion rust resistant
Breaks: Bengal hydraulic disc brakes
Brake lever: Christiania Bikes own with parking function.
Nav Fram: Christiania Bikes own. Made for heavy loads of aluminum with deep heavyweight machine-pressed ball bearings.
Nav Bak: Shimano Nexus 7 with foot brake Scandic version.
Rims: Made in the EU; aluminum alloy; double-bounded
Acres: Made in the EU; 2.33 mm stainless steel
Deck: 99% Puncture protected tires
Saddle: Selle San Remo Gel
Saddle post: 26.4 Aluminum
Other: Seat: Available for 2 children with waist belt (3308) Canopy: Bugatti Panorama canopy black (3290-101) Lock: Abus approved frame lock (3305-2) Carpet, Front door, Front support
Load weight 70 kg
Permitted maximum weight 208 kg
Weight 34 Kg


The bikes are hand-built on Børnholm. The craftsmanship and love that each bike receives is something completely unique. The bikes are built with love and it bodes well for long durability.

Park the car. Choose Christiania Bikes.

Many families have discovered the benefits of riding a box bike. You have probably noticed that trend. In fact, cycling generally gives you the cheapest mileage while promoting your health. In addition, it is environmentally friendly.

Feeling of freedom

No more traffic jams, delayed buses or long minutes at stops. There are few things that beat the feeling of freedom.

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