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Karin 3

Sweden's most talked about and sold women's bike. Monark Karin three-speed, a real classic.

6.999kr 6.599kr

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We recommend an optional shackle lock. Easy to handle and approved by insurance companies. We assemble the lock for you.

  • ABUS GRANIT ™ Plus 640 + 1.099kr

AVS - Atran Velo System

This bike comes with an AVS system. It gives you the opportunity to click on bags and baskets on the bike. Which one do you choose?

  • Bicycle basket daily s black AVS + 439kr
    Bicycle basket Daily M Black AVS + 489kr
    Bicycle basket Daily L Black AVS + 519kr
    Bicycle basket picnic brown rattan AVS + 685kr
    Bicycle basket picnic black Rattan AVS + 665kr
    Grocery basket incl shopping bag black AVS + 789kr

Three-speed Karin has a lot in common with Monark's very first women's bikes. Nowadays, the frame is made of aluminum instead of steel and almost all components have been given a proper facelift compared to what the older relatives were equipped with. The tires roll better, the saddle is more comfortable, the handles are ergonomically designed and both gears and brakes have become simpler and more efficient. Karin is available in black, white, blue, purple or red and is equipped as standard with solid screens in sheet metal, package holder, bicycle basket, lock, support, bell, skirt protection, reflectors and lighting.

Frame: Aluminum
Fork: High-Tensile steel
Nylon with anti-slip
Crank part:
Spectra 38T 170 mm
Gear controls: Shimano Nexus 3 Shifted
Chain: Spectra / KMC STD.
Cassette: 18T
Breaks: Front Spectra V-brake. Rear foot brake
Brake lever: Spectra
Nav Fram:
Nav Bak:
Shimano Nexus 3 geared with foot brake
Rims: Aluminum
Deck: Spectra Pergo Regular Reflex 40-622
Saddle: Spectra Emotion
Saddle post: Aluminum silver 27.2 × 300
Other: Package holder Atranvelo with ACP function.
Approved lock AXA Solid +
Weight 17.8

The story of Karin

Sweden's best-selling bicycle model is a story in itself. Karin's oldest and most classic frame type is the basis for Karin. The original version, with the characteristic curved frame, was created over a hundred years ago. The tradition of giving personal names to bicycle models became Monark's hallmark from the 1930s onwards. Most often, these names had a connection to the royal family. From the 1950s, the bikes began to resemble today's Karin. The first time the name Karin is used is in 1999, but it would be a few more years before they started production in limited edition variants.

A secure ownership

Our bikes are hand-picked. Since 1998, the concept has been the same. We have hand-picked products from hand-picked suppliers. The goodies simply. We test all bicycles before it is even possible for you as a consumer to buy it from us. Safety and quality are a priority.

Lifetime free service

The service is always free. All bikes from Bikemasters get a service agreement, which means that the service is ALWAYS free for our customers in our store. If you service the bike regularly, we guarantee a long, safe and sustainable ownership. It is important to give your bike the love it deserves.

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