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Step, 7-VXL

One step, or one step and you are off! Extra low entry 23 cm.

10.400kr 9.400kr

* Prices may differ from our physical store. Home delivery only applies from our e-commerce.

We recommend an optional shackle lock. Easy to handle and approved by insurance companies. We assemble the lock for you.

  • ABUS GRANIT ™ Plus 640 + 1.299kr

AVS - Atran Velo System

This bike comes with an AVS system. It gives you the opportunity to click on bags and baskets on the bike. Which one do you choose?

  • Bicycle basket daily s black AVS + 439kr
    Bicycle basket Daily M Black AVS + 489kr
    Bicycle basket Daily L Black AVS + 519kr
    Bicycle basket picnic brown rattan AVS + 685kr
    Bicycle basket picnic black Rattan AVS + 665kr
    Grocery basket incl shopping bag black AVS + 789kr

Named by Skeppshult themselves as "the ugly duckling". Maybe not the most beautiful, but a bike that really grows in experience when you sit in place. And getting in place makes you "easier than easiest" through the extremely low entry (you can see it in the picture). One step, or one step and you are off!
10-14 days delivery time

Material: Frame in high-strength steel from SSAB, powder coated in Skeppshult.
Frame height: 47 cm, extra low entry 23 cm.
Tires: Schwalbe 26 ″ (50-559) with puncture protection and reflective side.
Rim: Schurmann aluminum.
Spokes: DT Swiss extra reinforced.
Rear / front lighting: Shimano® hub dynamo LED lamp front. Battery lighting LED rear.
Gears: Shimano® Nexus 7 gears, rotary control.
Brakes front / rear: Shimano® roller brake front / foot brake rear.
Lock: ABUS frame lock 5650 Shield, Plug-In, approved for bicycles.
Saddle: Selle Royal, soft padding, water resistant.
Handlebar / handlebar stem: Handlebar powder coated in Skeppshult / aluminum adjustable handlebar stem.
Load function: Basket, powder coated in Skeppshult. AtranVelo, package holder. Maximum load weight 25 kg.
Security: Solid Försäkring 3 months is included with an offer of extension.
Approvals: Safe cycle according to EU safety standard ISO 4210, tests performed by SMP.
Weight: 19.5 kg (incl. Basket)

Made in Sweden

Skeppshult's bicycles are made in Sweden, the frames are also built here. Skeppshult cuts, mills, bends, welds, paints, spokes and assembles the bikes themselves. The bicycles are created by hand like a work of art.

High-strength steel

In comes six meter long steel pipes in high-strength steel (more durable and much lighter than ordinary steel) Out comes finished bicycles. The bikes do not get heavier and clumsy due to the steel. Rather more stable and more robust.

Lifetime free service

As with all other bikes, it includes a lifetime free service. We tighten, adjust, lubricate and check your bike for free. Free number of times during free number of years. We have customers who 9-10 years after their purchase still use their free service. Safety is important.

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