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Triobike Cargo

Very customizable (contact us for more info). Very light and strong construction (aluminum frame and plastic box). Powerful electric motor.


* Prices may differ from our physical store. Home delivery only applies from our e-commerce.
Triobike Cargo is a cargo bike that allows you to quickly and easily deliver large loads anywhere in the city. Save on transportation costs, the environment and save yourself stress. From children to groceries or heavy boxes for small businesses. Is there no problem with Triobike Cargo. The lightweight aluminum frame is incredibly strong. It is built for speed and agility, and looks beautiful! But it is also very versatile: you can equip the front tire with a wide range of accessories. Whether you are a local baker who delivers bread or a busy dad who transports the children to school, Triobike Cargo will let you beat the rush hour and arrive on time and in style.

Made to carry

The Triobike load can carry an impressive total load of up to 230 kg! And puncture-free tires give you peace of mind when driving over traffic jams and congestion. This cargo bike is a reliable workhorse that easily takes large loads and cycling more exciting.

Flexible and strong

The Triobike load has a light aluminum frame that is incredibly strong with "side wings" bent in 3D. The frame is carefully made in a single part to be elastic and durable. So you quickly and sharply get through the city. This cargo bike is built for speed and looks beautiful!

Never sweat!

Our electric motors allow you to flatten into hills and make long journeys with the bike fully charged. The powerful Brose Drive S center engine, with a torque of 90 Nm, does everything for you in complete silence. The stylish display helps you keep track of the battery level, distance and speed and you can choose exactly how much you want from the engine. All Triobike e-systems meet the 15194 standard.

Brake like a Formula 1 car

Taxi is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, the best available technology that is a direct legacy of the automotive industry. Even at high speeds and with the front gearbox fully loaded, a little pressure on the brakes will make you a complete stop at a short distance.

Easy to turn right

Just like on our regular Triobike cargo, the new Triobike cargo big front wheel offers a wider turning angle to the right. This makes the bike surprisingly agile in small spaces in urban environments.
This bike is built to order. 3 - 6 weeks delivery from placed order.

Delivery Message: This bike is built to order. 3 - 6 weeks delivery from placed order.

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