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Electric bicycles

We have many years of experience in electric bicycles. Just like with everything else in our range, we hand-pick products. Everything is done with careful review. All bikes are approved by us before the bike becomes available for sale. We have a wide range of electric bikes from Batavus, Crescent, Monark, Cannondale and Riese & Müller. From simpler, cheaper front-wheel drive engines to the most exclusive luxury models from Riese & Müller. There is an electric bike for everyone.

Electric bicycles are truly the means of transport of the future. You have probably noticed the trend. There are probably a few in your vicinity who have chosen to park the car and ride an electric bike. The benefits of commuting by electric bike are many. Cheap mileage, good for health and the environment. In addition, you will arrive much faster. No more stops or traffic jams, commute on your terms!

Do you have questions about a special model of our brands and want personal advice / Quotation? Ask your question this spring customer service. The more information you give us, the better answer we can give you.

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Size guide

Your sitting position on the bike is affected by body length, how you ride and type of bike. If you do not have previous experience of choosing a size, we recommend that you consult with us or visit a store and try cycling before ordering. Below is some help on which size to choose, if you are still unsure, feel free to call or email us.

Standard bike / City

Bicycle size

Your length

43 cm

about 140 - 160 cm

47 cm

about 150 - 165 cm

51 cm

about 160 - 180 cm

55 cm

about 170 - 195 cm

59 cm

about 185 - 205 cm

60 - 65 cm

about 190 - 210 cm


Bicycle size

Your length


about 90 - 105 cm


about 100 - 120 cm


about 115 - 130 cm


about 125 - 150 cm


about 145 cm