A bicycle shop without a workshop is not a bicycle shop.


When you buy a bicycle from Bikemasters, you know that your bicycle is correctly mounted and adjusted at our workshop. We do not compromise on quality. All new bikes, from the smallest children's bike to the worst racer, get the same careful assembly. When your bicycle, no matter where you bought it, is broken, or needs service, you can safely hand it in to our competent workshop staff. We only use spare parts of quality. Chains, gears, hoses, tires, wires, pedals, spokes, rims, etc. come from some of the world's largest bicycle groups. We have a large selection of tires in different price ranges, including from Schwalbe and Spectra, which are Crescent / Monark's original tires. We can also always give you a price information when you enter the store. 

It happens that we sometimes notice when the bike is suspended that the hub needs service or that the crank bearing has done its thing. Of course, we do not replace parts on your bike unless it is agreed. Remarks are made for your safety. You find out what is missing and a price information either over the phone or on your service order. A bicycle is a vehicle and should be cared for just like a car. One to two service sessions per year ensures that your bike lasts a long time, it is not an eternity machine. If you count on mileage costs, bicycles are the absolute cheapest means of transport while promoting health and the environment.

Workshop staff

Bikemaster's workshop staff is hand-picked and has many years of experience. The staff continuously trains to keep up to date with the very latest. We are specially trained in hydraulic brakes, damper service, wheel construction and electric bicycles, to name a few examples.

Our quality assurance.

As a workshop customer, you are promised the fastest possible repair with original parts at the highest quality and best price. When your bike is finished, you will receive an SMS with the final price of the repair. Some repairs, such as crank bearing and hub repairs, we give you a full two-year warranty.

Wheel construction

A hand-built wheel is stronger than a factory-built wheel. In addition, you can compose the wheel with hubs, spokes, spoke nipples and rims according to your specific needs. Building wheels is an art. We at Bikemasters have many years of experience in wheel construction and build your wheel according to your wishes.