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Razer Ltd E-GO unisex


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Razer Ltd E-go is an efficient and fast-paced electric bike, which is equipped with a Bosch engine and battery. It comes with a BOSCH Active system, which is comfortable, quiet and functional. The battery has 500Wh and you therefore get a good range, so you can use the bike as a commuter bike for example. The system has 5 driving programs, so you can get exactly the help you need depending on your surroundings.

The engine on the bike is in the crank, which means that you get a good stable balance on the bike. In addition, you also get a very natural help, as the power comes from the same place as your feet. With this type of engine, it is necessary to step on the pedals before you get help, as it measures how hard you pedal and provides help afterwards.

  • Frame sizes: 53 cm
  • Color: mercury gray
  • Battery: 482Wh (13.4Ah / 36V)
  • Battery weight: 2.8 kg
  • Battery range: 500Wh - 50 to 125 km
  • Battery location: On the frame
  • Removable / Fixed battery: Removable battery
  • Engine location: Center motor Bosch electric system
  • Engine type: BOSCH Active Line Plus
  • Engine power: 50 Nm
  • Display: Bosch Purion display
  • Assistance levels: 5 driving programs
  • Walk Assist: Walk Assist via the control panel
  • Lighting: The front and rear are powered by the bike's battery - AXA Blueline
  • Gear group: Shimano Nexus
  • Gear: 7 internal gears
  • Front brake: Hydraulic disc brake Tektro
  • Rear brake: Hydraulic disc brake Tektro
  • Steering column: Adjustable tribe
  • Handle: Ergo rubber handle
  • Saddle brand: Selle Royal
  • Luggage holder: Luggage holder in aluminum
  • Type of lock: Ring lock
  • Support legs: One-legged adjustable support foot
  • Deck: Type Swallow Roadcruiser Plus
  • Weight of the bike (approx.): 23 kg

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