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We have rolling intakes in our workshop. No booking required. Swing by with your bike when it suits your schedule. Expect to leave the bike from one day to the next.

If we discover deficiencies in your bike either at handover or at the mech place, we will contact you. Of course, you choose completely yourself if you want to fix all the shortcomings, some or none at all. However, we see it as our duty to inform you if, for example, the brake pads are worn. Road safety is important. 


The service cost differs depending on the bike. As a rule, we make individual assessments on each cycle. The service cost for an ordinary women's / men's bicycle costs about SEK 350.

The bicycle is a fantastic means of transport and many people depend on their bicycle. For many, it is a prerequisite for everyday life to go together.

If you hand in a bicycle in our workshop, you can borrow one. Completely at no extra cost. 

Obvious! All bicycles in the store may be tested. 

Purchase on invoice is only available to corporate customers. Private individuals are referred to Resurs Bank.

We have many years of experience in corporate customers. Tailor-made layouts, benefit bikes, foiling and bike pools to name a few examples of what we have done before. Click on the link below to read more about what we can do for your particular business.

Read more about B2B here


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No danger. We are happy to answer other questions via email or phone. 

You will get different options on the exchange if you call. Press the number that best fits your case.


040 - 15 39 99

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